steph-01Reiki is a word I didn’t know existed until 2009. It’s interesting how something so foreign to most of my existence has had such a profound and life-changing view of how I look at life as well as my own self.

The first time I received Reiki I actually rolled my eyes and thought I was wasting my time. I was studying massage therapy and Reiki was a modality I needed to complete the course work. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t believe or comprehend the feeling of overwhelming peace I felt during and after my first student Reiki session on me. It made no logical sense to me and so over the next several weeks I researched what it was and decided to become attuned myself.

I performed several student evaluation sessions on clients to complete the course work and the outcomes and experiences felt by both me and the client were shocking—I knew intuitively that energy healing was real as I could actually feel things beneath my fingers and my mind was processing so much information, information that I would soon understand to be all client related. Even though I was not really sure if my technique was right, or quite frankly, what the heck I was doing exactly, I knew something very special and miraculous was happening beneath my hands. It was felt by not only me, but my clients as well! Their stories are all so different and unique to them, but they all have a common thread…they received exactly what they needed.

I have been passionately and intuitively practicing my own unique version of Reiki ever since then. It is one of my greatest gifts and talents. It has taken me a few years to understand and be comfortable with the unmainstreamness (not sure that’s a word, but it’s the one I want to use) of this practice, and knowing that yes, it IS very real. I had to become okay with many people not understanding it, and even calling it many things that simply are not true. I had to become comfortable with this amazing gift God/the universe/whatever you chose to call this higher power has given me, and understand and honor it. So many people asked me why I wasn’t sharing this beauty gift with others. My responses were always different, but the truth was I was afraid of being judged by others who didn’t understand or care to understand the beauty of Reiki.

I have since become a stronger and more self aware person, so while I am still human and to some degree, these things still effect me at some level, they no longer decide for me…I decide and have decided to share my gift with those who want to experience it. I am at a point where I know this “thing” that sometimes is so hard to truly describe and put into words is one of my post prized intangible, processions—our gifts are meant to be shared, not stored away on some shelf…I just got chills as I’m writing it, so I know it to be my own personal truth.