Policies & FAQs

Cancellations: Must be made 24 hours prior to session and can be rebooked for another date.

No call/no show: There will not be an option to rebook as my time was spent waiting for you.  Emergency situations are taken into consideration and will be handled on an individual basis.

Late arrivals: If you are late, please call and let me know. You are welcome to come, but you will not receive your full time. We can still do the session, but arriving on time ensures that you get the healing benefits and are not cut short due to time.

Prep for reiki session: The most important thing is to come with an open mind and heart. Please hydrate with water prior to session. Once you arrive, we will spend a few minutes talking so I can find out information to enhance your reiki session.

Things to avoid before coming the day of: Caffeine, drugs–prescriptions are okay, but if you are adhd/add, these can alter your session so if possible, take after you leave (referring Adderall, Ridilin, etc). Eating a small, light “of the earth” type meal would be preferable, something light, not heavy.

Basically, the cleaner, less chemical filled you are, the easier it is for energy to flow to/through you.


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